Saturday, 25 February 2012


My first two rugs from the new loom. Actually finished them some time ago and forgot to mention.

One is made of all my scrap jeans I didn't want, the other is wool/nylon (20/80 I think). The wool one is for in front of the hearth at my parents house. The other one is mine and sits at a funny angle between the couch and the telly. Putting the couch at a funny angle is the only way to make the room work with 2 couches, a loom and a dining table in it.


Plainweave said...

The "zebra" rug looks exciting & bold. How do you strip the jeans? Do you remove seams and hems or include all?

Thanks for commenting on my blog - it led me to your textile odyssey at Galashiels. Weave on!

Andrew Kieran said...

I'm trying to remember exactly how i stripped the jeans. I thihnk firstly I cut off the hem at the bottom of the leg, which allowed me to rip open the side seams. I then rip the side seams open all the way up to the waistband, which I cut off. This leaves me with 4 leg pieces, which I then remove the pockets from, with the aid of a seam ripper. Then I just make a wee cut for each strip in the bottom of the leg and rip down the length. I end up with a few long strips, some short strips and some very short strips, as I use the back pockets as well.

Any extraneous buttons and hems and so on that aren't got rid of by this method I just cut off. I like to keep things fairly regular.

Meg in Nelson said...

Your jeans rug looks great - and your room looks so cozy.