Saturday, 29 September 2012

Am I imagining things . . .

. . . or is there something masonic about this motif I've just woven?

Can't quite place my finger on it.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012


This is a tablet-woven QR code. I am very happy with it, because I scanned it with my phone and the phone went straight to this website, which is what I was hoping would happen.

I can still not quite believe it actually works.

I used QRDroid for Android to scan it, I'm not sure what you'd use on iOS or any other type of phone. There's probably a way of scanning it without using a phone, like copying it to a conversion website or something, but it seems like a bit of a footer, so don't worry about it.

You can just take my word for it if you like

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Whooo! Elective Patterning

Hurrah! It works!

It's finally starting to look like the patterning I've seen on Linda Hendricksohn's website. The first band is in progress right now.

The second couple of pics are from a warp I was previously working on. I tend to make very long warps, then get bored of them and move onto another one that offers greater possibilities.

This warp is using 40 cards of 2/32's cotton.

I am using the technique that Linda describes for making her calligraphy bands.
 Look, it's an ankh and a pointy manny. You can get quite nice smooth diagonals if you have the cards pointing in a certain direction. Which maybe matters more with chunkier yarns like this. Actually, it's not chunky yarn, it's 8 ends of fine viscose run together as one end in each hole. but the effect is the same.
And some more, including a cross and what looks like a christian fish but was actually meant to be the letter A.

Something I really like about this technique is it gives you a nice balanced band with a satisfying weight to it.

Monday, 17 September 2012

And there's more

 A few of these. I've been beating my head against the double-weave badness today.

I think I'll need to get some graph paper and try graphing out some lettering. Graph paper is probably the way forward. Go graph paper. I don't think I have any though, and they don't sell it in Tesco. Maybe I can get digital graph paper, like on the interwebs and that.

No, apparently not. You'd think there'd be something for just filling in wee boxes with black or whatever. But apparently not.
 I think I might have reached the limit of what I can do with regular TW here without turning my brain to custard.

I was doing a wee bit of interchanging double warp-face plain weave on the same warp today. You turn the cards so they're kinda on their points, then you have a shed above and a shed below. It's fairly cool, though it's definitely more difficult than it should be to beat back the fell, as far as I'm concerned.
 I guess once this is all done, I'll take nicer photos of each of these bands and give it the whole "yo, I'll totally make them for money, totally" routine. I wonder what my meter-ly rate would be these days? It used to be £5 for turning all the cards in the same direction each time, but I think I should ratchet the prices up to keep in line with 5 years of inflation and my great love of filthy money.

I wanted to buy linda hendriksohn's books on tablet-woven calligraphy, but her site says she doesn't accept orders from outside the US, and the site in the UK she says sells them doesn't have a proper listing on their website. Maybe they have it but just not on the intranettles. Or maybe if I ask really nicely . .
So yeah, funky.

Got ma natter wi ma tutor 2mora, whateva

C wot apinz, init

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Weaving with a cold, upon the Square of Comfort

 I have been under attack by the Horrible Cold for four days. I am now recovered. In the meantime, I constructed a Square of Comfort, from two couches pushed together and decked out in quilts and cushions and orange juice and penicillin and so on. It is truly a glorious thing, and not at all decadent and messy.

While in the square I was feeling a little guilty about not being in college throwing my germs about and whinging about feeling horrible (imagine how productive I would have been!) so I whipped out the inkle loom and threw a warp on it. The thing I like about the inkle looms is it makes it so much easier to make a wider band with a softer handle as your weaving isn't getting pulled into a point as it is when I weave it body-tensioned.

I have begun a process of experimenting with more complex ways of manipulating the cards. to create more interesting patterns. It could be a looooooong journey, as there is just so much to discover, I could be at this for years if I chose and someone would fund me (hint, hint).

Happily though, get this, I am getting to do this for my sketchbook work! HURRAH!!!

Two whole weeks of doing nothing but tablet-weaving, having been instructed to attempt to create as many patterns and use as many techniques as I can in black-and-white (for simplicity's sake).

It is so incredibly cool, and I got a lot done today at college, must have woven off like 4 metres or something. I am making lots and lots (potentially hundreds) of 12" strips each demonstrating a particular pattern or idea. So I am getting a lot of practice with back-switching and things which has so far been something I REALLY have to think VERY hard about, but now I'm starting to get into the rythm of it and it's starting to come a bit more naturally and soon I'll probably be able to make those complicated patterns without thinking too much at all.

 So yeah, I'll be doing this for a few weeks.

The next big thing to try out is perhaps two-hole weaving, to create sort of interchanging double-weave effects, which I think is how a lot of people (not a lot, but like the 10 or so people that do it) do those really intricate pictorial bands with the animals and that on them.

Oh, and there's so many more distinct techniques, like missing hole technique, or weaving with triangular cards, or hexagonal weaving, which i've done before, which is kinda odd, and makes a sort of three layered plain-woven band which unfolds to a single cloth when you turn the tablets on their side. There's a lot to explore.
So yeah, we'll see how this fits into my plan to make viking costume, or whether that plan fits, but in the meantime I have been firmly instructed to just live in the moment and see what happens, which is good for me because making plans gives me anxiety and i don't like anxiety, because it makes me anxious and who like being anxious, right?