Saturday, 28 April 2012

Tartanish Trickyness Finishedness


Well, that's that warp done with. It was starting to do my brain in. I was getting a LOT of false lifts. When you just tie 8 lags onto a barrel, sometimes one or two of them take it upon themselves to twist slightly causing some of the shafts to not lift the first time. Which is immensely aggravating. But hey ho.

Here's the final samples then. And my dog, who will do anything in her power to lie somewhere other than in her bed


Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Making progress

Had a wee holiday. Been back for a week. Took me ages to get threaded up but I got it done. Sadly the sett was all wrong. Far too dense, was causing it to be a very difficult warp to weave. Also, I like a balanced sett, especially when doing tartanish cloth, where it's fairly essential.

So I cut it off and resleyed it at 60 epi, 30 for each face and got rid of the stitchers so each layer was completely seperated. It's much better now I think. In this picture you can see a weave that has 4 seperate lagchains, loaded on seperate barrels so they can be changed over relatively quickly.

Also, my dog, in the woods, asking politely if I would please throw the stick, whenever I find time. No hurry like.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A lot of coding, a lot of threading

I seem to be getting a lot quicker at threading through. I did about 1600 threads today in 5 hours or so without getting a sore back. That's new.

anyway, still have 800 threads to go, so a few hours tomorrow then an hour sleying the reed and another hour or two making peg plans.

speaking of which...

I shouldn't be having to do the whole peg-plan thing for much longer, if all goes well. I've been working pretty solidly over my easter break on coding for my dobby controller. It's a lot of fun, and I'm learning a lot in the process. I have my last 12 servos on order and am waiting to go into the city campus to borrow a servo controller for them. Until then I'm limited to 8 servos, as the Arduino apparently won't take more than that at any one time. How annoying.

Oh well, I just have to wait a week or so and then I'm ready to go. Also, the week that I have to wait about for the guy who i'm borrowing the control board from to get back from abroad gives me time to work on a casing for the servos and the control hardware.

It'd be nice to have it all mounted on something slightly more professional looking than some mounting card from last year.

Hey ho. Anyway, one of the things I want to do with this gizmo is implement Wolfram's Rules. In particular, Rule 30 and Rule 110. They produce apparently random (but not) results. I've written some simple scripts in python (woooh! python!) to generate these rules and output the results to screen. It shouldn't be too difficult to export the algorithms to the arduino for to generate lifting plans from them. Of course, the outputs aren't quite as interesting on a smaller repeat.

Another thing that might be wanted to do is to write a quick script that'll check each possible variation to make sure it falls within certain boundaries (like maximum float length, for instance) and then return a list of all applicable initial conditions.

This raises an interesting philosophical proposal. If the rules of nature are set, immutable and conceivable, then the condition of the totality of all existence can be predicted with a mathematical algorithm of sufficient complexity.

Personally, I don't feel any those three conditions are true. This isn't based on any understanding of physics at any advanced level. I actually suspect my belief in the essential unknowableness of the universe and the primacy of chaos and entropy has infected my thinking at every level. I also believe this is the case with pretty much anyone.

Do you think there is a reason?

Do concious beings have free will?

Is destiny set?

Will I succeed in growing lettuce this year or will the slugs get them again?