Saturday, 28 April 2012

Tartanish Trickyness Finishedness


Well, that's that warp done with. It was starting to do my brain in. I was getting a LOT of false lifts. When you just tie 8 lags onto a barrel, sometimes one or two of them take it upon themselves to twist slightly causing some of the shafts to not lift the first time. Which is immensely aggravating. But hey ho.

Here's the final samples then. And my dog, who will do anything in her power to lie somewhere other than in her bed



Blossom Merz said...

Those tartan variations are absolutely gorgeous! How long have you been weaving? :)

Andrew Kieran said...

Those samples I guess took a week to weave along with all the other stuff which isnt shown which was development. Thevissue is brain hurtiness. I feel i didnt plan properly, didnt follow my internal wee correct weaving set up plan. Sometimes i just kinda fly carefree with the loom. Which works fine on a simple clotwh, but this is a double cloth on 4 blocks with 2 different colour patterns inyeracting with each other differently in every sample, which necessitayed swapping lagchains about all the time. because i didnt plan properly I had to think hard about what went where when i started weaving each sample, so it took a lot longer than it should have. If you meant how long hagevi been weaving altogether, It's about 6 years.