Saturday, 30 October 2010

treble-cloth construction

I am currently in the process of designing a triple layered fabric. One layer shall carry conductive warp threads (one out of every three), another layer shall carry conductive weft threads (again, one out of every three) and a third layer shall lay between them and act as an insulator, keeping them apart and preventing unwanted contact between the two conductive layers.

Constructing a treble cloth is a compicated process. The way that a treble cloth is woven is that first the face cloth is woven, then the centre cloth is woven, then the back cloth is woven.
This is a draft for a treble cloth. The crosses indicate weaving marks for the cloth currently being woven, the dashes are lifts and are used to indicate shafts that are being lifted in the case of layers that are above the layer currently being woven.

Blue is back, Red is front, Green is centre

(All three layers are plain weave btw)

The cloth is constructed like so

1: Back cloth is woven. All red and green marks are lifted up
2: Middle Cloth is woven. All red marks are lifted, blue marks are all left down
3: Front cloth is woven. All blue and green marks are left down.
and repeat.

 I now make the plan for the other section, where the back and front faces interchange. The only difference here is that the lifting marks are swapped around so that the colour that was once on the face is now on the back and vice versa
 I want to be creating a checkerboard effect here, so i combine these two weaves together like so:

There is my finished draft, which i shall have to run past my lecturer on monday to make double sure i haven't bolloxed anything up.

In order to create the checked effect, i have to alternate the shafts which i'm threading up. So section is threaded on the front 6 shafts, and the other section, where the front and back faces are reversed, is threaded on the other 6 shafts.

I'd love to say i was anywhere near finished working this out, but i'm not. heyho


Cally said...

Now this does sound like fun! At least once the brainwork is out of the way...

humblebumble said...

the brainwork is the fun part. i have a funny sense of fun