Wednesday, 17 August 2011

3 Damn Days

To thread a 1440 end warp. 440 heddles I had to make myself, and they're a little too tight so don't move very easily.

That's 3 whole days. Not counting the half day it took to build and wind the warp.

I swear I'm getting slower, It only took me two days to do the last warp. To be fair, it only had 576 ends, but still.

I had to resley almost the entire reed. Twice. Once when it was still attached to the shafts, and then again while I was halfway through tieing on. a 48" warp at 30 epi in a ten dent reed. Next time I make this cloth I'll just up the epi to 32 and sleigh it in an 8 dent reed instead, probably save me a lot of hassle.

Nevertheless, this still promises to be the best cloth so far. I've used this yarn a lot before and I know exactly what I'll be getting in terms of drape and handle. It's lovely stuff and it weaves up easy enough without too many broken ends (during the last warp I was having to get up and retie and end every few inches, it wasn't a happy warp at all.

Anyway, it's a clear signal to me. Warping up can take ages. Of course, I already knew that didn't I? Well, that's reminded me. The next warp is going to be made up sectionally. I'm gonna make a super long warp, like 100 metres or something. The warp beam can handle it, it's got a circumference of 2 metres, so 100 metres would only wrap round it just under 50 times.

However, I need to get one of those doo-dahs you use to measure exactly what length of yarn is going onto each cone. Or I suppose I could act like the educated individual I am and measure by weight. That'd be more clever, cos then I could figure out exactly how much I need. And figure out picks per inch as well. Something to think about while I'm weaving this warp up I suppose


Sunday, 14 August 2011

Things I've made this week

So I finished weaving the last warp 2.5 weeks ago or so. And I made a throw for my mother out of it, and there was a bit left over.

So I started on the next warp, which isn't threaded yet because I didn't have enough heddles, so I had to make 500 string heddles which took me all day, there must be a better way of making string heddles.

Anyway, I went on a wee break, got a bit of work at a festival and skanked to the Amphetameanies for an hour or two, which was nice, but very tiring, which was OK cause when I got back the family was on holiday so i couldn't get a lift up to the loom anyway and I was too tired to go. So I've spent the week alternately playing computer games and sewing. So far I've made 3 large throws, a couple of very bulky experimental scarves, my first shaped bag with lining and one very dodgy hat which was, frankly, a disaster. Well, not a disaster, as no-one was killed and there was very little in the way of property damage, but it didn't work out anyway. I need more practice, and better fabric too.

Yaah, well I've added the photos now, and as usual they've just gone wherever they like and I really need to find a better interface for writing posts to my blog.

Oh guess what, the planned for overhaul and marketing campaign isn't materialising. I've decided I'm better off just making things and taking it from there. Besides, I find web-design depressing as all hell. So this is what I'm going to keep doing for now, posting here and throwing stuff at Folksy and hoping it gets noticed