Sunday, 14 August 2011

Things I've made this week

So I finished weaving the last warp 2.5 weeks ago or so. And I made a throw for my mother out of it, and there was a bit left over.

So I started on the next warp, which isn't threaded yet because I didn't have enough heddles, so I had to make 500 string heddles which took me all day, there must be a better way of making string heddles.

Anyway, I went on a wee break, got a bit of work at a festival and skanked to the Amphetameanies for an hour or two, which was nice, but very tiring, which was OK cause when I got back the family was on holiday so i couldn't get a lift up to the loom anyway and I was too tired to go. So I've spent the week alternately playing computer games and sewing. So far I've made 3 large throws, a couple of very bulky experimental scarves, my first shaped bag with lining and one very dodgy hat which was, frankly, a disaster. Well, not a disaster, as no-one was killed and there was very little in the way of property damage, but it didn't work out anyway. I need more practice, and better fabric too.

Yaah, well I've added the photos now, and as usual they've just gone wherever they like and I really need to find a better interface for writing posts to my blog.

Oh guess what, the planned for overhaul and marketing campaign isn't materialising. I've decided I'm better off just making things and taking it from there. Besides, I find web-design depressing as all hell. So this is what I'm going to keep doing for now, posting here and throwing stuff at Folksy and hoping it gets noticed



Meg in Nelson said...

Etsy? I keep intending to (for about 2.5 years now), and it does involved web stuff, but...

I love love love the piece second from the bottom. And the pup. What are the yellow pieces made of?

Making 500 string heddles. Hummm..... 500. The quicker way is probably to buy them. Or hire child labor.

humblebumble said...

lolz! sod buying them! they cost too much, and i am time rich and money poor. that's with a capital P.O.O.R.

Hell, I've done no weaving for two weeks since I realised I had no heddle. But it's nice to have a break after a solid 4-week stretch.

Now I can get back into it properly and really go at it until I go back down south, which is in like 3 weeks. So, maybe 3 or 4 more warps can be woven in that time I think. The yellow warp you see there took a lot of time because it was weak yarn, and also knots I tied in the warp wouldn't fit through the dents, so I had to do fiddly nonsense to repair warp ends.

Actually, I'm selling on, it's a british website. Really quite small-scale and informal for the time being. Once I have a better understanding of Distance Selling Regulations (the joys!) and international postage I may start trying to sell internationally, it's got to be worth a try. Postage is sooooo expensive though.

Oh yeah, the yellow warp is wool. Nice, scratchy, wool. Of course, the listing on folksy says it's warm and cosy, rather than typically scratchy wool. I made one for my mum that was like equal wefts to the warps, if you know what I mean, but I only had enough of the blue and orange yarns to do one like that. Heyho.

Meg in Nelson said...

Postage! Tell me about it! I live at the bottom of the world and even getting stuff from Australia costs and arm and a leg. Online book, yarn and equipment sales have to be REALLY worth it for me, as they often cancel out the cost of the merchandise, even though NZ bookshops don't why away from selling books at twice and three times the straight-forward converted price. Geez.... is the only place that does occasional "if you buy more than 25 pounds, we'll post it free" at which time I go a little nuts. But just a little.

Enjoy your weaving. Distance selling. Yeah... another item on my To Do list for the last several years... I think it's coming up five or six now... Yikes.

Meg in Nelson said...

And, yeah, the cost. Ergo the child labor. I think it makes us more innovative, though, if you can't just go and order whatever we need. Kiwis are good like that.