Thursday, 8 April 2010

final samples

That's my favourite one (above), it's a plain satin. I like the one below as well, which is sateen stripe

That's a double faced interchanging plain weave
I went somewhat overboard on the fancy yarns there. slub, gimp, and hairy. don't like it that much

That's a honeycomb. you probably can't see there, but the texture changes as it goes up cos i gradually changed it to a plain weave on the way up. the lecturers idea.
That's weft figuring. not a big fan of weft figuring, it is kinda pretty, but i reckon the floats would catch on things. don't think it's too practical

the pictures aren't too great. i don't have access to a scanner. i tried taking pictures of the draft sheets but they came out pretty incomprehensible, so i'll leave them for now. i'm wanting to make an interchanging double weave tartan next year, and am going to try getting the draft sorted out in scotweave (that's the weave drafting program we use, it's kinda cool and fancy) when i get back from easter. if i succeed (if i have the time), i'll post pictures of that. maybe i'll be over busy with photoshop bollocks (don't like photoshop) and other tasks like getting this lot mounted up for assessment and getting my portfolio board ready for the lecturers and that. we have a wee interview thing to help us choose what we want to do next year. seems most everyone's made up their minds already. it's constructed or print i think, constructed includes knit, which is fine with me. apparently you get to do different things though, so print students can weave or knit fabrics to print, and construction students can use the knit room. there's the sewing room as well, which has embroidery stuff.