Thursday, 8 April 2010

final samples

That's my favourite one (above), it's a plain satin. I like the one below as well, which is sateen stripe

That's a double faced interchanging plain weave
I went somewhat overboard on the fancy yarns there. slub, gimp, and hairy. don't like it that much

That's a honeycomb. you probably can't see there, but the texture changes as it goes up cos i gradually changed it to a plain weave on the way up. the lecturers idea.
That's weft figuring. not a big fan of weft figuring, it is kinda pretty, but i reckon the floats would catch on things. don't think it's too practical

the pictures aren't too great. i don't have access to a scanner. i tried taking pictures of the draft sheets but they came out pretty incomprehensible, so i'll leave them for now. i'm wanting to make an interchanging double weave tartan next year, and am going to try getting the draft sorted out in scotweave (that's the weave drafting program we use, it's kinda cool and fancy) when i get back from easter. if i succeed (if i have the time), i'll post pictures of that. maybe i'll be over busy with photoshop bollocks (don't like photoshop) and other tasks like getting this lot mounted up for assessment and getting my portfolio board ready for the lecturers and that. we have a wee interview thing to help us choose what we want to do next year. seems most everyone's made up their minds already. it's constructed or print i think, constructed includes knit, which is fine with me. apparently you get to do different things though, so print students can weave or knit fabrics to print, and construction students can use the knit room. there's the sewing room as well, which has embroidery stuff.


Anonymous said...

These are so varied and interesting - you have been working like a Trojan. I guess there must have been Trojan weavers, yes? Anyway, I like them all, including hairy slub, but the second one is especially intriguing.

Meg in Nelson said...

I'm impressed! Really. I like the mainly blue one and the mainly green one in terms of colors, but in terms of structures, from what I can see from the photos, I love the top and bottom ones.

Well done! But tell me this is not why you need to detox?

Dave Daniels said...

Those are just incredible. I especially like the honeycomb and the "hairy" one. They really are wonderful.

humblebumble said...

hey, good to see all the nice comments n that.

cally: i'm sure there were trojan weavers, though undoubtedly they were members of the slave class. politics breakin in there. to be fair, i ain't been workin that hard. college life really ain't that difficult.

meg: the reason i need to detox is cos i've been drinkin a great deal recently. weaving too much is never a problem. in fact, i never weave enough, and that's my problem

dave: good to see you on here man. i think it's funny how people have different tastes. the two ones that you cited there are the ones that i like the least. i guess it's another case of "it takes all sorts"

as far as the one with all the fancy yarns goes, i think i just went overboard with the fancies there, and i coulda been a little bit more subtle. the fabric itself doesn;t feel too brilliant, in my opinion. of course, texture is a big part of the appeal of a textile, and that can't be properly illustrated here unfortunately.

like i say, i feel fancy yarns have their place, but more to complememnt traditional yarns. i may changemy mind over time, but i currently feel like my best approach is to learn how to create texture and such with plain yarns properly first. gimp, slub and hairy yarns feel somewhat gimmicky, and i don't want to lend them too much weight. besides anything els,e, they don't come in as many shades, and i'm largely interested in colour. though texture is important to me, but i feel it's better achieved by careful use of different fibres rather than the use of novelty yarns

Trapunto said...

These are marvelous. I love seeing the wraps next to them. The jump from juxtaposition to interaction is always such a surprise to *see* even if you know (as you must) roughly what the colors are going to do together.

My family used the "working like a Trojan" saying, but it was corrupted by my great grandmother to "working like a Targent." I spent a lot of time wondering what a Targent was, and why they had to work so hard!

Dorothy said...

I'm greedy I like all of them!! All have great colours and ideas, all have ideas you could develop.

My hopes of getting up to Edinburgh are on hold, due to finding there's so much work in setting up a business :( some days it's fun, some days it's just a hard slog, but it's good to be doing something I want to do.

Dorothy said...

Just a though on fancy yarns, I think I have a similar view to you. I think they are fine as an accent or special effect, but not all through a piece.

bspinner said...

I am so impressed!!! I like all of them. Taking pictures of my weaving has always been so hard for me too but yours are very good!!!


These are so interesting I love the idea it's great to see the wraps next to the woven pieces.