Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Making progress

Had a wee holiday. Been back for a week. Took me ages to get threaded up but I got it done. Sadly the sett was all wrong. Far too dense, was causing it to be a very difficult warp to weave. Also, I like a balanced sett, especially when doing tartanish cloth, where it's fairly essential.

So I cut it off and resleyed it at 60 epi, 30 for each face and got rid of the stitchers so each layer was completely seperated. It's much better now I think. In this picture you can see a weave that has 4 seperate lagchains, loaded on seperate barrels so they can be changed over relatively quickly.

Also, my dog, in the woods, asking politely if I would please throw the stick, whenever I find time. No hurry like.


Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

Andrew, thanks for the comment on the reed-numbering.
However - it can be that my metric thinking misses something, but I can't see where/how the 1.874 comes from... please?

your confused Swede,

Andrew Kieran said...

Soz, it's 1.875, and it means there's one reed dent per 1.875", or one and 7/8 inches in a number 1 reed.