Thursday, 20 September 2012

Whooo! Elective Patterning

Hurrah! It works!

It's finally starting to look like the patterning I've seen on Linda Hendricksohn's website. The first band is in progress right now.

The second couple of pics are from a warp I was previously working on. I tend to make very long warps, then get bored of them and move onto another one that offers greater possibilities.

This warp is using 40 cards of 2/32's cotton.

I am using the technique that Linda describes for making her calligraphy bands.
 Look, it's an ankh and a pointy manny. You can get quite nice smooth diagonals if you have the cards pointing in a certain direction. Which maybe matters more with chunkier yarns like this. Actually, it's not chunky yarn, it's 8 ends of fine viscose run together as one end in each hole. but the effect is the same.
And some more, including a cross and what looks like a christian fish but was actually meant to be the letter A.

Something I really like about this technique is it gives you a nice balanced band with a satisfying weight to it.


Dorothy said...

Is there anything not possible with tablet weave design? Your progress is inspiring. It is a bad idea to go blog surfing when I need to work thsi afternoon, this is serious distraction and I'm tempted to get out my cards instead.

Have you seen the books by Otfried Staudigel? They have a lot of South American designs. his website is at

Andrew Kieran said...

ooooh, his books are next on my "books-to-purchase" list, which is causing me to spend a fortune on tablet-weaving books.

As it goes, Nancy Spies is down to her last handful of "ecclesiastical pomp and aristocratic circumstance" so you should get a copy while you have a chance or else the price'll only be going up and up unless someone reprints them.

I just asked for my copies of both her books the other day, seems I was in good time. Thank the heavens.

So once I'm bored with this particular technique maybe I can start trying some brocading. yay :)

Andrew Kieran said...

see what you've done? I've just spent £50 or so on amazon now. Remember kids, weaving is a dangerous and expensive habit, it rots the brain and warps the spine

Dorothy said...

Phew! I just checked my bookshelves and found I have that Nancy Spies already... but there's another book by Nancy? I shall have to think about this.

I have to disagree about brain rot, I think getting my head around weaving concepts has developed bits of my brain that were dormant. I do agree about expensive, oh dear yes! If only I had learnt to dye first, and just bought white/neutral yarns and dyes instead of buying collections of yarns in different colour groups. I must get back to my floor loom, soon. It's been two years now and braiding is not getting through the stash fast enough.