Monday, 17 September 2012

And there's more

 A few of these. I've been beating my head against the double-weave badness today.

I think I'll need to get some graph paper and try graphing out some lettering. Graph paper is probably the way forward. Go graph paper. I don't think I have any though, and they don't sell it in Tesco. Maybe I can get digital graph paper, like on the interwebs and that.

No, apparently not. You'd think there'd be something for just filling in wee boxes with black or whatever. But apparently not.
 I think I might have reached the limit of what I can do with regular TW here without turning my brain to custard.

I was doing a wee bit of interchanging double warp-face plain weave on the same warp today. You turn the cards so they're kinda on their points, then you have a shed above and a shed below. It's fairly cool, though it's definitely more difficult than it should be to beat back the fell, as far as I'm concerned.
 I guess once this is all done, I'll take nicer photos of each of these bands and give it the whole "yo, I'll totally make them for money, totally" routine. I wonder what my meter-ly rate would be these days? It used to be £5 for turning all the cards in the same direction each time, but I think I should ratchet the prices up to keep in line with 5 years of inflation and my great love of filthy money.

I wanted to buy linda hendriksohn's books on tablet-woven calligraphy, but her site says she doesn't accept orders from outside the US, and the site in the UK she says sells them doesn't have a proper listing on their website. Maybe they have it but just not on the intranettles. Or maybe if I ask really nicely . .
So yeah, funky.

Got ma natter wi ma tutor 2mora, whateva

C wot apinz, init


Anonymous said...

These are great, I can see loads of potential,
You might get graph paper in the labs by the way! Ask Roger Spark or Jim maybe.

Andrew Kieran said...

och, i know. I'm just in an "I want graph paper, NOW, DAMMIT!" kinda mood. I eagerly await my multicolour 3D printed replacement kidney btw. I'm busy ruining the old one

Meg in Nelson said...

Yeah, like the swirly ones!!! Yes, most definitely!!

Andrew Kieran said...

they swirly ones are a pain in the rear-end, they make the cards want to flip over. I have to use a chair back to keep the warp horizontally inclined

Dorothy said...

Have you discovered the swivel hooks sold in fishing supply shops? Ideal for liberating the warps so you can swirl. I have some here, 10 in a pack for £1.20.

Oh c...p fourth attempt to prove I'm not a robot, does everyone else pass this first time?

Andrew Kieran said...

swivel hooks rule don't they? Bit of a pain though I think, and I'm making a lot of really long warps just now too. Also, my current technique is all 2-forward/2-back and doesn't build up any twist. More on that later.

Is it just this site that the recaptcha's giving you trouble on?

Andrew Kieran said...

Turns out i can turn word verification off. I've also turned off moderation because it's just so unnecessary

Dorothy said...

I get trouble with recpatcha everywhere I find it, I think I must have strong robot tendencies!! Finding it a bit easier since I worked out not to leave a gap between letters and numbers.