Tuesday, 7 February 2012

My wall right now


Meg in Nelson said...

Darn. I wish I could click to enlarge. But your work area is a lot tidier than I imagined. Is that part of continuing to be abnormals? :-)

Andrew Kieran said...

hmm, that's odd. I wonder why you can't enlarge it. I'll have to look into that, maybe the settings on my cameraphone are wrong.

As it goes, we have a presentation tomorrow and that's why it's all tidy like that. That's not normal

Carrie said...

Hi Andrew :)
Sorry I didn't reply to your message on my blog, I hardly visit it these days (lazy!). Thanks for your offer of the book lend, that would be great if you still have it. I sold some guitar straps for christmas, but have been working to finish this work course I'm doing so everything else has been put to one side for a while. I'm really excited to give back strap weaving a try, I'm in the mood to make something a bit bigger :).

Hope you're well!
Carrie xx