Saturday, 25 February 2012

Phreaky Phun with Phabric

This device was made by Tom from Edinburgh Hacklab. I gave him some knitted conductor fabric and he's turned it into the actuator of this funky little noisemaking device. I believe that he's got a 555 square wave generator there, like I was mucking about with last year and having so much fun with.

Apparently the video's a little out of sync, but nevermind.


Carrie said...

Hi andrew :)

your book arrived this morning - thanks so much, I wasn't expecting it through the post :). Would you like anything for postage? I've not looked into tablet weaving much yet, but the instructions seem pretty clear.

I love the rugs in your last post btw. I've thought of doing something similar with ripped up t-shirts :).

We should try and catch up this summer, or next time you're up this way.
Thanks again!
Carrie xx

Andrew Kieran said...

Hey Carrie

Don't worry about postage, it wasn't that much. I think you'll like tablet weaving, you can create a nice, thick and very stable band with it. You also have just so many options available when it comes to making patterns. I barely scratched the surface when I was tablet-weaving.

If you want to make wider bands then you probably want to stretch them on your inkle loom or a similar set-up. I've seen it done on a board with a peg in one end too. Pretty cool.

Summer it'll have to be I think, I'm afraid I won't be up for easter, the busyness and poverty down here combine to keep me in Gala, looking for work and working on my loom in the college. I'm trying to build an electronic controller for it and it's not particularly easy