Saturday, 25 February 2012

4 ends 2 many

Well, at the end of threading up this 1200 end warp on 24 shafts I have 4 extra ends.

I swear I individually counted off each bunch of 24 ends and yet I have extra ends.

I'm going to assume I put in an extra cross or two somewhere when I was making the warp on the stand, because that wouldn't really be much of a problem. The chance that I have on 4 occassions both missed a shaft in threading and also miscounted the same batch seems far fetched. Also, I didn't take as much care as usual in counting my crosses when I was making my warp, so that's probably where I made my mistake.

Also, this is a Texel loom, from France. I've never used one of these before, I gather the programming box is somewhat arcane. But they really are beautiful machines. Some people moan about them, but I suspect they just haven't given them the time needed.

A little bit awkward to thread through, but I think I've got the hang of it now, you just have to sit side on so as you don't end up having to crouch to get your arm to the back.


Laura said...

Better 4 ends 2 many than too few. :)

Andrew Kieran said...

true fact laura, true fact

Meg in Nelson said...

Hows about 2 ends of floating selvedge for two sides?

Lindsey Tyson said...

Hi Andrew,
I am also an owner of a wonderful Texel loom. I love it, and have only ever heard positive comments about them - however - they are rapidly becoming obselete, and as the company that makes them no longer exists, getting parts etc is becoming a problem. Which is why I am contacting you. I recently had a problem with my solenoids - fortunately, this time, I managed to get it fixed, but I have been looking into updating my texel. (The mechanics/ electronics and the keyboard.) I know someone who can do it, but as it will be a costly business, I am currently trying to find other texel owners who might be interested in updating theirs too. The more people there are, the cheaper it would be. I am aware of a few colleges that own them too. Do you think it might be something you would be interested in,if it could be done for a reasonable price? The trouble is, that if the parts go, ththe loom is practically unusable.They are such good, well made looms, it would cost a lot to replace it with something of an inferior quality. Also, If you have computer/ weave software, you would also be able to download your designs from the computer.

I would appreciate it if you be kind enough to reply,either way so I know that you have read my mail. Also if you happen to know of any other texel owners? If you could forward my email address or give me theirs I could contact them also. Many thanks, Yours sincerely, Lindsey Tyson.