Friday, 3 February 2012

Because I've been abnormal

I give you this.

Which I created the other day because I was feeling depressed by making all this ugly fabric which was functional.

I decided to make a little bit of tartan in heavy yarn. So now I have a scarf. And fairly cosy it is too. Impulse decision? Yes it was actually.


Meg in Nelson said...

And if that makes you abnormal, I say, you should be abnormal more often, Andy!

Andrew Kieran said...

We all love 2/7's worsted here. It's so so quick to work with cos it's super thick. It only took me a couple of hours to dress the loom.

And I continue to be abnormal.

Dorothy said...

Wow, love the strong colour!

This has been a dreary winter in the peak district, not enough bright cold days, and then when they arrived last week they were all too soon followed by snow. Scarves are essential!