Monday, 29 October 2012

Warp is Weft, sometimes

 I've had to abandon my last three weeks work because it was chaotic. Frankly, there was no direction to the whole thing. I didn't have the foggiest clue what I was doing, it was going nowhere and it took me far too long to realise that.


The upshot is that I have to start from scratch and now do 4 weeks work in 1 week. This is called a quick turnaround I believe. People in real jobs do it all the time, it's normal. So, no worries right?

I'm not worried, I've got a can of beer and two paracetemol inside me, how can I be worried?
 Previously, you see me weaving with sticks, which is a true thing because it is what it is. I am attempting to create rigidity in the horizontal direction. And succeeding, though it's not very stable, because one could quite easily pull those wee coffee-stirrer sticks (which I stole from Subway) out and the thing would fall apart. Never mind, when I do it big scale they shall be held together by steel cable and rivets. Oh yes.

The yellow bits are an old warp from years ago. In fact, the right hand warp is also an old warp from years ago. Like 5 years ago or something. Maybe not that long, but they've been sitting about pissing me off by being unweaveable crap for ages, so sod it. Into the weft you go.

Also, tried using yet another old warp from the ancient times before college as weft. This time it can be seen doubling round the back before going back in, so it sits on the back in a kinda loop. I think I could use this technique to wrap braids (i know, they're not braids, sue me for false advertising, knew ya wouldn't) around other things, like legs, or sticks, or metal poles, or telephone pylons. I like the idea of wrapping braids around legs, but i doubt I could get anyone to stand still for long enough.

Aaaaaanyway. I also have trend research to back this all up. Well, not this specifically, this is just me pissing about with random materials i found in my house at the weekend because I was at a loose end after finishing tidying up. But rather to back up the proper work I will be doing tomorrow when I get back into college.

Got pallettes and everything, shamelessly ripped straight out of a trend book, call it my own and run with it. It's the done thing I think. Plagiarism. Heyho, it makes life a little easier.

The truth of the matter is I need to make things easier for myself. I've been living in a state of permanent crisis for the last three months and it's fucking exhausting. Simply because I'm coming up to the end of my degree and my future is in serious doubt. My options seem limitless and it's been causing me incredible stress.

I hate change.

In my personal life at least.

I've been in this house for two years and I really like it. I'm not particularly fond of the town, but I've been around the block enough times to know that the grass is not greener on the other side. Enough of chaos and uncertainty. I have a house, and I can make a living, that is enough for now. Food in my belly and a roof over my head are precious things and rare enough in this world and I won't do anything to risk that. If I can avoid changing things I will. I have had a serious post-college possibility suggested to me and I like it. It's a real living doing something I want to do and getting properly paid, so I'm going to act as if that's the thing that's going to happen and live my life on that basis. It will make everything in my head a lot more peaceful. In the meantime I need to get a good mark for my whole degree thing so I can do that thing I mentioned but didn't talk about just then.

Knowing there's a future out there makes everything else so much easier.

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