Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Troublesome Texel Loom

So, this is the Texel loom I am using this month. I used one of these last year and it seemed to work. Mostly. Except when it didn't.

Sometimes it works fine, which suggests that the mechanism is perfectly capable and has no faults. It can work fine for hundreds of picks. And then sometimes it just stops. Or sometimes it selects the wrong shafts. It's still difficult to know if it's a mechanical fault as I don't fully understand the lifting mechanism and it's difficult to get somebody to sit there doing false weaving while I examine each moving part in detail.

However, I suspect it could potentially be a problem with the computer that directs it. Not sure how to diagnose that though.

So yeah. For some reason this damn interface isn't letting me insert text next to or between my images. Ridiculous. Anyway, you can see how the computer connects to the loom itself. It appears to take feedback from the loom in the form of digital inputs from those two microswitches you see there, which will tell whether the shed is open or closed, depending on which pedal is pressed down.

It should feed digital highs and lows directly to the circuit board accordingly, which cause the transistors to switch power to the solenoids. The solenoids should then select the appropriate shafts.

In theory, but in practice things are going wrong. I don't know why, so I should try to find out whether the problem is at the computer end or the loom end. If it's at the computer end, I have a solution. If it's at the loom end I don't. Yet


LOttie Smith said...

hello are you still having trouble with the texel key board? as i know someone who could possibly fix it for you, i look after 8 of them :)

Andrew Kieran said...

Alright lottie, if you could have me a contact for this person that'd be great. My email is could you drop me a line?