Sunday, 13 November 2011

Under the weather

But only a little bit.

It's been mad busy over here the last few weeks, been in late every day and on saturdays too. I've finished weaving the first viscose colour sampler and got it cut up into samples. Think there must be something like over 100 samples from that warp, they're only little. Really pleased with the amount of different shades I can get from one warp colour simply by changing the structures and colours about. Going to choose my favourite shades and combinations then try mixing them together in double weave on the next viscose warp, from the previous post. While I'm thinking about that I will be continuing to work on a warp of silk as detailed below

Silk 60's, 16 shafts in eight shaft blocks of about 1.5" each.

1600 ends at 90epi, sleyed 4 ends in a 42 reed (scottish system)

I've been at the threading for a little while now and it's starting to do my brain in, but I'm nearly through. Should get it finished tomorrow afternoon, then I can take some pictures and send them off with a request for more yarn because It's just gorgeous and I really think this fabric's going to be truly beautiful.

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Meg in Nelson said...

Sorry to hear about being under the weather - I hope you spring back into good health soon. Loving the colors you've posted. Very uplifting.