Saturday, 23 February 2013

Rags, rags, lots and lots of rags

So, yeah, a lot of rags.

The sewing workshop has recently bagged up a great deal of fabric waste, which I have taken, in order that my rug loom may never go hungry.

I am currently sorting these rags by colour. I am less than a quarter of the way through what i have the now, which is less than a tenth of what is available and i have a whole sack of black and a whole sack of beige, and half a sack of white and multiple bags of other colours.

It may seem a little mad for me to be filling me itny house with all this scrap, but the idea is that at some point in the future I'll be either partially or wholly unemployed (who knows what the future holds?) and this is my bank. When money is rare and time plentiful there'll be plenty time spare to weave rag rugs. Rag rugs from this kinda material are relatively time-consuming to make, but on the other hand you can be a bit more arty with them as you're only working with little bits so you can be a bitty tapestry-like with it and make all sorts of lovely patterns and that. Happy days.

It's probably worth mentioning that I also aquired three massive sacks of leather scraps and a half sack of sheepskinny scraps, from which I can expect to be making wallets and purses and the like for a long time to come.

Besides that I have had multiple recent enquiries about selvedge-rugs so I need to acquire some more loom-waste for weaving those things. And some 2-ply cotton while I'm at it, for warps. I also have two massive bolts of single jersey cotton fabric that need to be ripped down to rags for weaving too, who knows when I'll find time to do that.

It's nice to have something to work with.



Laura Fry said...

Wow! That's a *lot* of rags! :D

Happy rug weaving,

Andrew Kieran said...

It certainly is, isn't it? There's plenty more where they came from too. Scary amounts to be had, I'll probably get another car load tomorrow, then sort them in the evenings.

I like to stock up on supplies in times of plenty, things always go round in cycles and if I can get a decent stock of rugs built up then it'll be worth my time and money advertising and things.

If only winter wasn't such a busy time it'd be perfect for building up stock

Michelle said...

Awww, look at the little puppy in amongst the rags!!