Monday, 4 February 2013

A wee aside


To raise money for the New Designers Exhibition, which some of our class will be going to this year in London, we're doing a wee exhibition/sale of work at the Textile Tower House, which is a kind of museum/gallery in Hawick which is obviously focussed on textiles due to the town's long association with the knitting industry. We were all asked to prepare some work to be presented in standard IKEA frames, to make everything nice and simple. These are what I'm sending out, which I took from last year's sketchbook. Just some little collages I did for colour development work in gouache. I think they're quite neat and tidy.


Ann said...

You could turn these designs into some cool rugs! Great colors.

Michelle said...

I was just thinking they'd make nice tapestries, if you felt like doing some weft-faced weaving :P