Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Picking up and placing a cross for stake warping

So, today I present a wee photo essay on picking up and placing the cross in multi-end stake warping.

When you first see this done it looks like magic and if you're like me and you started making warps one end at a time you'll be delighted by how much time you save here.

The first thing you need is a spool holder with an upper and lower section and an eyelet above each spool stand. You place your first end in the top and your second in the bottom, and so on, for each section of your repeat. If you have a lot of spools and a simple warp you can warp with as many spools as your stand can hold. We have an ex-industrial stake warping rig here at college that has about 100 pegs on it, but there's not often much call to use it as we designers don't tend to work in monotones.

Anyway, all this is is an explanation of picking up and placing the cross. I forgot to take pictures of the actual spool stand, I'll do that tomorrow

Firstly, get your hand between the upper and lower threads. You hand remains straight, you are only working with your thumb here.

Pick up the first thread from the top layer and put it under your thumb, then get the first thread from the bottom layer and place it over your thumb.

Now repeat until you have all the threads crossing over your thumb.

Here I am just demonstrating the way the cross works, but this is also the direction you will move your hand up towards the cross stakes

You place the half of the cross that's on the end of your hand over the first stake. And then the other half of the cross goes over the other stake. Remember when doing this that as you hold your hand in the position indicated, that it is the rightmost part of the cross that goes over the stake

Once you've done this you take the threads around the top post on the board and start again for making the top cross. Pick up the warp ends in the same way, doing your utmost to pick up the cross as close to the corner stake as reasonably possible. Then get your hand holding the cross like so, with your palm upwards and place one and then the other part of the cross over the cross-stakes.

Like so.

And continue.

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