Saturday, 26 January 2013

Chain Warping

I made a mistake in this rug warp. I only warped half as many ends as I meant to.


Nevertheless, the principle is the same. I need to take this off the stakes and keep it in good order while I transport it home and put it on my own loom at home. In addition, I shan't be stretching this warp, but instead beaming it through a raddle, so I need to keep it in good order also while it's being beamed.

For this reason I have tied the warp in six places to keep it nice and tight. Then take the whole thing off and it's quite happy to be thrown into a bag and taken home.

Damn shame there's half as many ends as needed. Never mind, I'll have to finish off on Monday


Helga Jossen said...

Why aren't you making annother warp with half of the number of threads? Then you could beam with two chains and this would give you then the required number of ends.

Andrew Kieran said...

Because the warping stakes are at college and the loom is at home and i didn't realise my mistake until college was closed for the weekend. I'll sort it out on monday

Michelle said...

The chains always look so pretty - it's almost a shame to put them on the loom ... *almost* ;)