Monday, 21 January 2013

Bouncing Cloth


There's the whole thing, which I was talking about the other day. It's amazing how cooperative the 2/60's cotton was.

I only had one broken end in the whole warp aside from the right hand selvedge threads, which are always doing that, because that's what right-hand selvedge threads do, isn't it?

Like I say, I was checking to look at how different spacings and distributions of the elastic yarn.

So, this is a view of the same wee sample bit, to give you an idea of the effect of this yarn. The yarn doesn't come into it's own until it hits water. What do you think? I like it. I believe there's a video her somewhere as well. I uploaded it to youtube, maybe I can link to it from here, let's see

There you go. Interesting isn't it? And if you listen carefully you can hear my dog getting told how lovely she is in the background. That's what happens when your boiler is broken so you have to go to a friend's flat to use her hot water.

Big up to Roz and Vicky for letting me use their hot water as it goes. Whoop Whoop


MegWeaves said...

Fun! All I could hear was your dog being told what a good dog it is, though.

Andrew Kieran said...

Oh, that's all there was to hear. I didn't feel the need to explain what was happening, it seemed fairly self-explanatory. Also, I don't like the sound of my own voice being played back to me, it freaks me out