Wednesday, 14 January 2009

I'm in

That's it. I got an unconditional offer today.


[ trumpets, sirens sound, crowds cheer with wild abandon ]

well, that's me all cheered up, despite my sprained neck which has had me in a bad mood all morning.

so now i've got 5 months of college left to find something to do with. I could just go and sign on the dole, but that would inevitably lead to waking up in the evening and not getting any weaving done. it's funny isn't it, that when you have all the time in the world it's impossible to get anything done. I guess if the vehicles already moving it doesn't cost much to do an extra 20 miles at the end of the day, or something.

I have a table frame in the class room that i can use as a frame loom if i want, so i can either make a tapestry, a knotted pile rug or just work on tablet-woven brocade and double-face effects. If i wanted to be really ambitious i could buy the late Mr Collingwood's Ply-Split book, or the one on Sprang (whatever that is) and do a bit of that.

What would you do in my situation? I am leaving a poll on this page. I'm going to stick it on the right hand side so it'll outlive this post

-hb exits to wild applause

ps. the sectional warping is getting easier, now that i've added thread guides. I've also pulled the spool rack more towards the back of the loom, so i can get in behind it to change spools. I got 3 sections done last night, and i expect to finish beaming the warp tonight. If all goes well i shall thread and sley the reed on thursday. I then have to make a warp for friday because i'm going over to Wick High School to show an art teacher how to warp his Weavemaster table loom, which is a bigger version of the one i've got at home. That should be fun, i've never taught loomy before


Anonymous said...


It's an advantage of knotted pile rug making that you can pick your nose at the same time, but I had to go with tablet weaving because that's what I would do.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and how neat to be able to help someone get their loom going!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't do tablet-weaving - I don't like being tied to the furniture... Knotted pile or tapestry I reckon. And CONGRATULATIONS!

humblebumble said...

there's no need to be tied to a chair, you can stretch your warp along a plank as long as you've got a block or a book or something to keep it raised off the wood. also, you can stretch it on a tapestry frame and have a go when you're bored of your regular task.

i just went and ordered a whole bunch of New Fez rug wool and backing canvas from for messing about with knotted pile, so i'm quite looking forward to that.