Thursday, 1 January 2009

happy new year

As i haven't remembered to take the pictures of my new rug what i made for in front of my folks's fireplace, and it's new year, and i haven't posted since christmas, and this whole internet thing is rather addictive when you get into it, here are some pictures of cute dogs. i think to myself, in the following manner:

"if i know my readership, i'm sure they'll like pictures of cute dogs"

well, you didn't ask, but you got anyway

on we go.

This is Blot, the elegant and handsome prince of Doggy-Kind, he is a gentle, acrobatic and not even remotely clumsy animal without even the slightest hint of youthful enthusiasm. He wants a biscuit, and is probably going to get one
This is my little Eris, who i have had for 2 years since she was an ickle-wickle puppy. this is her when she was an ickle puppy, all wrapped up in a shawl on the living room sofa. she's still the only dog in the house that can get away with crawling into bed with my mum. She thinks she's the queen of england. But she's wrong, cause i don't like the queen of england half as much as i like Eris, and would certainly never let her into my bed

This is Old Man Ginger, slowly melting into a puddle in front of the fire. He is now a Grotty Old Sod and makes alarming throat clearing sounds occasionally while yawning. When Eris is on heat he tries to catch her but he's too slow. Luckily, the other two dogs don't know what their equipment is for, so she's safe as houses
Blot and Ginger again. Definitely one of the best photos ever taken, in my opinion
This is little Blot, when he still was little Blot, before he became large, cumbersome and over-enthusiastic Blot that scares children with his friendliness. He has this game he plays on the beach where he runs directly at you until you dodge and then veers away. I think it's a bit like doggy chicken. Eris tries to play it, but she isn't big and cumbersome, so it doesn't work
I'm not sure how this got in here. It's a picture of the first warp I wove on my old backstrap loom, which is now missing presumed dead in a possibly abandoned house in bristol. I wove rugs on that on middle meadow walk and next to the museum during the edinburgh festival. Someone told me a year or so later that the last time they saw me i was selling rugs in the park and i thought they said i was selling drugs and got a little flustered. much hilarity was had by all. as it goes i've been trying for years to figure out how to turn that "(D)rug dealer" pun into a decent joke, of the kind that makes your audience groan and weep as tumble-weed rolls across the high streetm but i just can't get it. shame
And, of course, Eris, again. This time with the tongue hanging out sideways. it's a good look.
And with the seaweed. She likes the seaweed. She also likes rotting fish carcasses. I wish she could in her mind connect "rolling-in-a-rotting-fish-carcass-to-impress-her-doggy-mates" to "getting-hosed-down-and-shampooed-outside-the-garage" and "being-shunned-by-everyone-in-the-house-because-nothing-can-get-rid-of-that-smell"
Well, that's that i guess. Hope you liked the doggies and hope you don't all have awful hangovers. I don't, I'm sober as a judge is supposed to be


Oh my god, i just ran across this video for my all-time number one favourite live band. As far as i'm concerned dancing to Ska is the best thing in the world

Bombskare ruule y'all

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