Tuesday, 16 September 2008

pattern drafting

why didn't i think of doing this before?

Gives me something weaving-related to do while i'm in college and probably ends up helping me get into the next college. hooray! The top one is the sheperd's check, except the bit i've done already is a plain weave, and the draft there is a twill. i've got another couple of metres sitting on the loom waiting to be woven, and i want to do that in twill, but i can't figure out the tie-up to do it properly

long live checked paper



Anonymous said...

Those look like fun designs. I likes me my graph paper tablet, too. I do some of my best designs in them. (My moleskin is my newest favorite.)

Leigh said...

This is doodling at it's finest! Far more interesting than your typical college coursework ;)

humblebumble said...

indeed. unfortunately, it's occured to me that doing pattern drafts for the colour mixing module would be far too time-consuming, so i'm having to do multi-colour Stalins instead. Ho Hum

i have to watch what i say here, as Big Brother, in the form of my computing tutor, probably reads this blog

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