Monday, 15 September 2008

The curse of the faulty rachet-stop + The contractual obligation video post

I got the warp wound on the medium sized loom last week, and threaded and sleyed it this weekend

Now. The back beam is held by a ratchet. and the ratchet-stop is a plate of metal which is pulled up from the ratchet-wheel with a handle attached to the main upright. It seems that somewhere along the line of the last couple of weeks i must have bent the plate back a little cos it no longer holds tight against the wheel. i've tried holding it down with a piece of cord wrapped round the beam, but it's not having it and i've had the whole thing come loose while swinging the batten twice already. I've tried to remove the plate but one of the screws is held tight. I'm going to have to take it outside and hammer it flat on the doorstep. This is aggravating

On another aggravating note, the shuttle keeps flying out of the race and hitting the wall when i beat from the left hand side on the larger loom and i can't figure out why, cos i haven't changed anything from the other day, when it was working fine. grr

Also, if anyone know any free guide to countermarch tie-up i'd really really really appreciate hearing about it cos i'm just having no luck making a twill tie up at all with counterbalance

Finally, teacher says we have to post a video to our blog today, so in the spirit of co-operation with the forces of law, order and authority i give you "Timewaster" by 4-piece London punk outfit The Restarts

Enjoy, unless you don't like punk music, in which case, just ignore please

-Humblebumble (handweaving to the sound of heavy anarcho-punk and hard techno)


Anonymous said...

Here's some.
In fact there's a lot of good information on this site, it's just really hard to navigate.

humblebumble said...

thanks :)

humblebumble said...

as it goes, i managed to sort the ratchet out. i had to tie it back really really tight like