Monday, 8 September 2008

The Contractual Obligation Post

Teacher told us to post to our blogs.

I am actually doing a class in college on blogging. It's almost unbelievable isn't it? I think i saw a music video for some bog-standard american pop-metal band where they're all sitting in Blogging 101 taking pictures of themselves.

As it goes, I finally cleared the table loom at the weekend and put a wee silk sample on it. 200 ends, and 56epi on a 14dent reed. it's going a lot better than the last one. and i got the rug loom almost beamed. should finish it tonite, but probably won't get much more done on it till the weekend.

Ho hum. More pictures when i'm finished



Jane said...

HB --

You are quick on the draw when it comes to not allowing your loom to sit naked. A quality I admire!

I've left you a little 'gift' at my blog, please take a look.

Weave on,

Anonymous said...

Wow! a blogging class? Cool! Let us know any inside tips.
Love the colours in this project.

Peg in South Carolina said...

A thank you to your teacher for "making" you blog! The silk looks lovely. 60/2 bombyx?

humblebumble said...

60/2 bombyx?

lord only knows. i have yet to get round to learning my yarn counting systems. i'm still at the stage of looking at a yarn, comparing it to the acrylic knitting yarn you buy in the pound stores and the table loom with 14 dent reed (the first yarn and loom i've used) and figuring out the epi based on that.

i'll just say that it's the finest yarn i've ever used. i had to put a seperate selvedge of thicker wool on, as i can't weave it without as the selvedge threads go. i do have problems with the tension slightly as it's very sticky and doesn't strectch back out properly

this is now finished by the way, i have used 3/1 twill, 2/2 twill and plain weave to see what the effect is.

i have very noticeable reed marks in the plain weave, but it seems the longer the weft floats the less noticeable they are.

i'm going to make a couple more samples with this fibre. i intend to focus on increasing the width as with such a high epi i can't weave a huge width.

i shall firstly use a basket weave, doubling up in the heddles and the shuttle. And then, after having done a little but of research and using the printers at the college to print off that book on double weave i found on the internet (it's in my links somewhere) i shall attempt a double weave.

as it goes, my teacher doesn't need to make me blog, but it's nice to have a full 2 hours with a decent computer, cos i'm otherwise stuck with a half hour here n there.

i love college

Meg in Nelson said...

Duly noted; homework done! Thus far you have five people who can sign a note to your teacher.

But seriously, this piece looks very promising! Can't wait to see more.