Monday, 28 July 2014

Some designs for Tablet Weaving accessories

This is the kind of thing I get up to when I'm bored and the loom isn't cooperating.

These are drawings for Tablet weaving card. From left to right, 6 3-sided cards arranged radially, one 6 sided card, which I haven't figured out the best way to arrange yet, and an array of 4-sided card. Also, a comb and a shuttle.

Everything but the shuttle can be easily made in plastic by laser or waterjet cutting. The shuttle may be a little trickier as I would like the beating edge to have a gentle slope leading to a nice curved blade edge for good beating.

The warp can be tied into the comb with string on top, I see no need to make a hinged attachment to go on top.

I may make other shuttle shapes tonight, and rethink the comb.

I am undecided about what material to get these things made in. I reckon the cards should be as thin as reasonably possible, 1mm acrylic perhaps. They will be breakable, but these things tend to be. In my experience the thinner a weaving card the better for the turning, especially when not mounted on a loom or board.

Annoyingly, I made the shuttle 190mm long instead of 1900mm as I intended. And it was a very pernickety part to make.

I've found a number of manufacturers who specialise in laser and waterjet cutting in the UK. I am going to get some samples of square cards made, if I find the finish and material acceptable then I shall have a larger number made of all three types of cards. But mostly the square ones.

Thje square cards are 7cm square and I welcome any expressions of interest in this product, it would be cool if I had a box of several hundred of these and just got a wee trickle of ebay earnings coming in now and then.

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MegWeaves said...

I may be interested if I get off my heavy thing to learn how to card weave. I have small hands and 7cm may be the biggest I could handle, just by looking at how long 7cm is, not trying to weave. Depending also on the price and, oh, the dreadful shipping. How many to a set?? And the all important thing - what colors are they?