Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Not quite tartan

 These are for the latest project.

The idea is to push tartan outside of it's traditional boundaries.

I'm doing this by combining two cloths together.

 Some of these are more "different" than others.

 The hope is that someone who will look at some of these and recognise them as tartan.

But on closer inspection someone who knows what they're looking at will realise they've been fooled.

 These are currently my favourites. I spent about a day and a half putting them together on Scotweave. 

I've got to now go and choose 6 warp sections to work with and start planning my sample warp.

I'll start building the warp tomorrow. I expect it'll take a while. It's going to be a little complicated.


Geodyne said...

I was pleased to see it's you fiddling with tartans!

I love the last one.

Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

I like the one with the crosses (if thinking tartan) - if thinking "just" pattern, the first is my favourite!