Saturday, 17 March 2012

Cloudy Sky, Seed Heads and Yellow Grass

 This was from the last 4 weeks of work (or so). My routine was a little disrupted and I wasn't concentrating very well. As such I didn't put as much serious design work into this colour pallette as I would have liked. I basically did a little trend research, alighted on a colour scheme or feel that appealed to me and picked about 8 yarns off the shelves.
 As well as a kinda soft blending effect I was also trying to create a subtle textural effect, with lines of raised surface texture running diagonally up the cloth. I can't be sure how well it comes across on the screen. I seriously need to invest in some proper photography equipment, like a stand and lights, and things like that.
 I feel this one is a little "strong", but it added a little contrast to the others. Some people think it's their favourite. Some people don't like it very much at all. There's no accounting for taste.

This is the final group of ten. I spent hours mounting them. Presentation of samples is very important. If samples are cleanly presented and easy to handle it allows the viewer to concentrate on the textile rather than getting distracted by scrappy or floppy mounting card. I use stiff mounting card, then use a ruler and a butter knife to score an indentation for accurate folding. I then use spray mount to attach the fabric, spraying on the inside of the folded area and then pressing down for a few minutes until it's firm. Spray mount is expensive but is far superior to double sided tape, which is of little use. It's a little more difficult to use though, it takes care. Too much and you get gummy glue coming out the edges. Too little and it pops back up and you have to start again with fresh card.

Overall I feel that although my design work in this instance was pretty patchy I still managed to get a decent result. It's a colour palette that I'm comfortable with and always revert to at this time of year, as I herald the return of life and warmth to the world after the long winter. Spring is a wonderful time, and it should be honoured by gently warm and airy colours.

I'm moving on now to the next project, in which I'm trying to push tartan into new territories and bend it into different shapes. It's not anything new I'm doing, but I hope I can leave some contribution to modernising the national cloth.

More on that later.



Plainweave said...

Your presentation looks great. I would love to see close ups. Very light and springy.

Valerie said...

Great presentation. The enlarged photo's certainly look like the title of the post.

Well done! Happy Spring!