Monday, 29 March 2010

all done


just finished my last final woven bit on the looms at college. that's 8 technical samples and 5 final samples (usin colours from pictures i pulled off the web, cos i use the web to do pretty much all my research and imagery scavenging)

all the samples are based on natural stuff that happens in nature. in order - 1 dying star, 1 lake with hills in front, 1 bunch of trees in summer, 1 largest/coldest large-sun-sized-but-really-cold object as seen through hubble telescope (discovered the other month), 1 rocky/heathery hillside somewhere up north presumably with the purple heather and all that jazz and 1 big green nebula thing with all bits of orange and some pale blue in it

i particularly like the hubble stuff. gas nebulas rock

the fabrics should be getting cut off the looms tomorrow evening, and i'll have to do yarn wraps and weft plans. of course, not having written the weft plans down while i was weaving, i now have to painstakingly look at the fabrics to figure out exactly what weft i used when. luckily, i'm a stickler for regularity and symmetry in stripes, so it shouldn't be too difficult, and i only have to do the weft plan for the 6 final samples, not the technicals. still, a bit of foresight and i could've had the whole thing finished by tomorrow lunchtime.

i'll post up some piccies (actually, probably a whole rake of piccies, or i could just post the finals, cos the technicals really aren't that interesting)

drafts will be posted only on demand, cos they're A4 sheets and i really can't be bothered pissing about in OpenOffice (subtle plug for open source software there) for hours remaking them. you might find them a little confusing, cos they use a slightly different notation system from what most of you will be used to, being dobby and all. i still ain't 100% sure i understand them perfectly well.

still, i'm working on it


Anonymous said...

Would love to see the pics. Can't wait.
Best wishes

Trapunto said...

Yes, looking forward to the pictures. I'd be interested to see what a dobby draft looks like, but don't remake it! What about a scan of the A4 sheet?

Susan said...

I'm glad you learned so much, but hope you aren't too efficient to weave great stuff: I'm still a great fan of your project ideas like the rya signal flags, and the warp along the breakwater.