Saturday, 20 June 2009

back to basics

my house is almost empty now.

i have no looms. so i'm weaving on a frame.

you could say i've got piles. knotted piles. sounds painful doesn't it?

i'm practicing on the little frame before i make something on the big frame. i want to make a big square piece out of two length sewn together, for sitting around on the ground on.

i haven't done any weaving for a while and it's nice to do something simple, with equipment that anybody can get hold of. i won't be able to keep a loom in my new house cos it's tiny, so i have to learn how to weave this way. i think one could make quite substantial rugs by sewing strips together. we'll see.



Anonymous said...

Whoah, did I miss something? No looms as in sold, or in storage elsewhere?

humblebumble said...

in storage. my loom's in my parents' house n shed, the small floor loom's gone to castletown heritage centre, where it'll get some use, and the table loom's gone to a beginner weaver out west

i'm moving into a matchbox see?

not to worry, there's plenty of looms at college :)

Dorothy said...

Not even space for a folding table loom that would go under a bed?

Actually frame looms are great, but backstrap possibly even better as I understand you can roll up the loom and your weaving. Inkle looms are also very nifty.

Just wondering if you are going to have tension problems on that frame? I've set up a frame to weave where I lashed the warp around a stick that was separately lashed to the top of the frame, so I can adjust the lashing to the frame if the warp gets too tight.

Very best wishes for a happy time in The Matchbox. small places can be cosy and you don't loose things so easily when everything is in reach. As a kid my bedroom was just about 6 feet square and it was fine. A folding table attached to one wall helped to make good use of the space.

I'm starting to feel excited about your college course, I guess it's not long to September now. Shall stop babbling now and put myself away for the night...

Meg in Nelson said...

Show us what you weave on the frame. My mom loves frames, but I'm not sure if she loves weaving on them or making small frame looms more!