Saturday, 30 May 2009

Two Pile mats finished

The one with the green is going for £50

The one with the lamp thing is going for £30 cos the end-finishing is cruder and i don't know what the design's all about

These have a lovely feel to them, as the base fabric is 100% wool. They're very soft and pliable.

I'll have some larger mats ready for next month. then i'm going to get on with making a few hammocks.

I'm bored of making scarves just now

oh, as it goes, does anyone here have any suggestions/examples of a good way to roll a blog and a shop up together into one package? I don't really have time to learn to do a load of new programming, so it has to be fairly simple. I'm sure i could create paypal, ebay, folksey (what's that american one called, i can't remember) accounts and so on and link to them from one central place, but it seems somewhat inelegant. It makes more sense to try to encourage people to buy in one place rather than having myself scattered over 10 different auctions.

i could be wrong though



i've put a couple of items up on

you can view my shop at

Humble Woven Products


Life Looms Large said...

I was hoping I'd read the comments on this post and learn lots of great ideas for combining blogs and selling....but alas, I'm here too early. I'll check back (even though I don't try to sell things at all!)

The mats are really cool! Great job!


Anonymous said...

These look great. I like the "with resting dog and blue bowl" composition of your photo.

humblebumble said...

yeah :)

i thought it would be good for scale, you know. i obviously spend a great deal of time composing and GIMPing all my photos, as you can no doubt tell

spinninghippy said...

Hey Andrew!
Love the new rugs (especially the green one!) Have you tried selling on Etsy?
Carrie (cousin) x :)

humblebumble said...

hey carrie.

etsy was the american site i was thinking of. no, i haven't tried yet. i'm not big bothered about selling just now.

i'm big into not being stressed about anything and just looking for a new house in the old gala. so, no big deal. but yeah, i should try. i'd have to charge silly money for postage though, going to the states or that.

glad to see you on this old internet thing here. i'm down to look for house in a week or so. will pop in on the way back up.

as it goes, that's more things you can do on your rigid heddle loom