Saturday, 30 May 2009

on the rocks


Susan said...

I'm so happy you did this, and remembered to take the picture. I just didn't know what it would look like, or what a sea barrier looked like, or what the shore looked like. All questions answered. It's fantastic.

humblebumble said...

yay :)

it just seemed like too good a day to lose

i'll be leaving here soon, and going away to college. it's a lovely place this (thurso east) and i want to remember it nice like

Susan said...

good luck! and I hope you'll keep doing weave4fun.
You always make me laugh, so it's working

humblebumble said...

no worries on that front.

i abandoned the weave4rakesofcash project i was workin on, so it's back to the fun like ;)

i've been worrying too much

humblebumble said...

i just sold something on folksy!!!

holy crap!