Saturday, 3 December 2016

Screw print 1.1

First in a series of screw tests. I'm designing a 3D printed loom and am documenting the design process. I have already come up with the preliminary shape of the thing, but shall keep that under wraps until I'm ready to launch.

I am currently attempting to make a 3D printed screw for operating the hinge. Currently the loom is designed with a 20mm wide screw and screw hole so I am working from this for the time being.

The parameters I shall initially be varying are the thread size and the clearance (push). I have had good results printing a slot-together joint with a push of 0.125 so shall start from there.

Standard dimensions will remain the same throughout all variations of 1.x, specific dimensions will be changed according to the results. Print setting will most likely stay the same, at least until I start narrowing down on Specific Parameters and feel perhaps the printing quality needs to be improved.

Standard dimensions

thread size 20 x 20mm

Specific dimensions

Thread: 30
Push: 0.125

Print Settings

Layer height: 0.1mm
Shell Thickness: 0.4mm
Print Speed: 50mm/s

The Result

Have to turn it on and back a few times to get it to work, but after that it turns freely. I noticed some little ickle-wickle blobs on the inside of the bolt thread, which will maybe mean I need to do something to my printer settings, but I'm not sure what exactly yet. Nevertheless, I'm chuffed with the results of this test and will maybe try making a hinge next.

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