Sunday, 19 October 2014

New workshop and rigid heddle loom

Well, we had a brief discussion the other week/month (time flies) about making tablet weaving accessories.

So, last month I bought a scrollsaw and a pillar drill. And since then I have been getting a workshop space ready at a garage on a friend's farm. There's been a lot of work, and it still isn't quite ready yet. I'll have a lot more space when the car is out of the way. There's a long workbench for my woodworking tools and the desk where they're currently at will have a cheapo laptop and some of my 'leccy tools and projects, I also intend to build a very simple, but biggish, rug-weaving loom which I intend to have set up in such a way that I can fold it up against the wall when it's not in use if i need to. Thinking of maybe having the warp going up and over a rail at the top and weighted down, with the back beam of the loom sort of attached to rails on the wall. Difficult to describe, I have a picture in my head.

Anyway, I moved my tools in today and made a very simple and rough rigid-heddle loom for a friend.

A very simple counterbalance set up for now anyway, probably with an underslung beater.

Desk with tools on. Plyboard marked out and ready to cut.

I should have taken more pics while I was in the process but I was kind of in the zone. This is a detail of a ratchet and pawl, 5 minutes to cut out on the scrollsaw.

Finished (well, sort of) loom. the long stick in the front is the cloth beam.

So, moved in today and made a wee rigid heddle loom. Just add heddle.

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