Wednesday, 25 September 2013

I got a job

I'm the new weave technician at the college now.

How utterly odd, who would have thought things would turn out this way 4 years ago when i started studying here.

I am in charge of teaching students how to weave, weaving jacquard fabrics and eventually getting the hattersley working.

It is part time so I can create my own collections in my spare time, and begin some serious progress on the lifting box

From now on I shall publish videos on youtube and articles and so on on my own webspace

I shall at some point begin selling plastic tablet weaving supplies, don't hold your breath for that though. If you don't find out one way or the other then my advertising strategy shall be seen to be rubbish.

I continue to have a really scarce involvement in weavolution, but I'm mainly a youtuber these days.

I've enjoyed my journey blogging here and all the lovely people I've met. I started this blog to document my journey in learning how to weave. Now I am a weaving instructor employed at the university and shall be producing my own collections on an annual basis. I think my journey has come to it's natural conclusion, and with it my journey as a blogger, in this particular format

Thank you all, and I shall see you on the interwebs or upon the face of the earth, at one event or another.

The blog shall remain here until google eventually crashes and brings western civilisation crashing down with it. I shall continue to answer comments for as long as gmail keeps running. Feel free to get in touch with me


Andrew Kieran


Roslyn Muir said...

So proud of you hunni :-)

Laura Fry said...

Excellent news! I was so hoping that you would get the job.

Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Both to you and your students - technology is the base of everything (well - *nearly* everything).
(PS - looking forward to see your solution to my challenge, now that you have all that technology "at your service" ;-)

heather said...

Congratulations and Good luck andrew!

Cally said...

Congratulations! Sounds like a great combination of activities. And I am so glad that there are still some opportunities for students to learn to weave in Scotland - hope you enjoy working with them and inspiring them with your love of the loom.

Dorothy said...

I should think you will enjoy the new job: congratulations!

MegWeaves said...

That's a pretty big news, Andy. Congrats.

Susan said...

You let nothing stop you on your weaving quest. I liked when you made a lunch box into a loom, and warped on the coast rocks. Your writing style is so fun to read. I'll be watching for your youtubes.