Saturday, 21 July 2012

Kumihimo And Shaggy Rugs

I've been working like a MotherTrucker recently (got that off a mate one facebook, it's pure gold isn't it?) and not been having much time to think about college work or that. I have however been keeping myself active at the weekends (if I allow myself to get into a low energy condition it's difficult to get back up and leads to unpleasant mondays) by making kumihimo braids. It's kinda fun and it makes lots of useful stuff. Very good for getting rid of small amounts of posh yarn as well. Kinda time consuming, but it's not like i've got anything else to do at the weekend except cleaning and reading, so it's nice. Good for the hands.

You'll notice a shaggy rug as well. I'm keeping quiet on what I'm making this with for the time being as they're potentially an economically sensible product as the materials are cheap and they don't take long to weave. They're also much nicer than any rag-rugs I've ever made. I just need to refine the finishing process. Once I'm ready to fly with it then I'll spill the beans, but not until then.

Anyhoodle, I'm away to Greece to visit my brother tomorrow. I'm making a hatband for the cheap hat I bought from Tesco. That's the first picture up there, trufax like. Hoping I can collect some inspiration for next year when I'm away. I'm planning a sort of unified concept for a living room. Has to be good, because I need to be enthusiastic about it. If I'm not into what i'm doing my tutors can always tell and I get marked down for it.

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