Sunday, 17 June 2012

Marudai braiding stand.

I was having dinner with a freind from college on Friday (it time out i know how to use chopsticks despite never having done so before, which is a nice surprise) and we got onto the subject of Japanese crafts which reminded me of Kumihimo which I was briefly interested in a few years ago.

So I decided to make a Marudai, which is a circular braiding stand with a hole in the middle for the braid to go down. It can be emulated with a piece of card with slots around the edges, but that seems inelegant to me.

I bought a secondhand coffee table from a furniture store down the street and drilled a hole in the top, after subjecting the front room to a metaphorical representation of the English Civil War.

Now I am constructing the Heart Braid from Paulette Adam's website

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