Tuesday, 17 January 2012

another noise test, two printed failures (damn shame) and the state of my desk right now

 This is a foot long piece of fabric with a line of stitching running up and down it, I used the conductive thread in the bottom spool as the sewing technician reckoned it wouldn't be strong enough to go in the top because if too much tension. It has a greater resistive range than the knitted strips from the last post. between, errrr, 1 and 10K, or 200K or something. I think it's between 1 and 10 or 12Kohm, but the resistance varies wildly because it's difficult to get a good contact. or something. God knows.

These were supposed to be conductive. The powder form of this pigment was wildly and unpredictably conductive, but obviously when the binder-glue-type-stuff is added it doesn't conduct anymore. Shame, because they're so pretty.

And this is my desk at home. I'm making a larger bit of fabric with the uppy-downy thing going on in it to see if I can get a greater resistance range out of it. This is a 30cm-or-so square piece of fabric.

When I was a kid I had a friend whose dad was an engineer-sorta-guy and he had this huge shed and 3/4's of it was full of engines and greasy stuff and the other quarter was full of computers and soldering irons and electronic stuff. It was so cool. I aspire to be messy on a large scale like that.

I have a meeting with my tutor tomorrow. Damn shame I can't get power at my desk (grumble)

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