Sunday, 10 July 2011

Attempting to improve my photography

 Blue and brown scarf
 Chaos Cloth
Cloth samples (that I forgot to subit as part of my assessment, doh!)

Yeah, could do better, eh?

yeah, white background, natural lighting and a steady hand might help a little bit

Add another to the list of skills necessary to become a successful weaver: photography

Not there yet



Meg in Nelson said...

One of the easiest way to spruce up pics, and relatively cheap, is to get one sheets each of black, gray and white drawing paper, preferably A1 size. Have the sun in our back, put the stuff on one of the sheets, and voila, the pics are quite a bit better automagically. Of course the sheets of paper are reusable.

Next step I personally want to try out is matt vs shiny sheets.

Anonymous said...

I have found about the worst background is shiny cardboard, and high contrast between the subject and background also causes problems. A plain cloth is useful, or some plain natural background like wood, stone, even concrete. Best light I have found is daylight, either from a north window or outside - and best weather for outside is a bright overcast day. Have the things you need to photograph ready and waiting for when the weather & light is good.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why this is happening today - Google isn't signing me in so my comment is anonymous - but I am Dot, and I just typed the above.

Anonymous said...

Having trouble leaving comments now, first one came up anonymous, then the second overwrit the first...

I suggested plain natural backgrounds - wood, concrete, stone, and low contrast between foreground and background, and north light indoors or overcast but bright day outside.

Dot (fibre2fabric & YarnMaker)