Thursday, 7 April 2011


I got new feet for my dewing machine today. Which previously had no feet at all. I got a regular foot, a walking foot and a buttonhole foot. I've been wanting to do some quilting for ages. These are my first three attempts. They don't look as good on the back, there's a bit of fold-over. I guess it'll take a bit of practice and experimentation to get it right.

I also made a cushion cover. I have about 40 metres of this fabric, I made it years ago, if anyone remembers my post about sectional warping when I was trying to use up all the yarn in my cupboard before I moved house or something. It's a bit too rough for pillow-cases, but I've also got rakes of fabric for making pillow cases with as well.

Also, I was asked for a model shoot of the cape-thing. So there you are. JK, it's still not finished, but the dog's taken to it nonetheless


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Meg in Nelson said...

Good Doggy! Looking forward to see what happens with the inflatables.