Monday, 21 March 2011

Home made speakers

I recently found out how to make wee speakers at the following site:

Kit of No Parts

It so happens that one of the technicians recently made some conductive yarn for me, stuff that he's been working on recently. So I've been playing about with it. Apparently it could be used for heating in a garment, but i thought I'd use it to make a speaker coil instead. Here's the yarn.

See, that's copper wire in it. Very fine, but it weighs up as something like 300 tex, because of it's density in comparison to a normal yarn. This is the magnet i used:

 On the left here is the second, larger and neater, speaker coil i made. It wasn't any louder than the first one, which you see on the right.

I have attached the first speaker to a wee bit of quilty-bit, and have got the magnet sewn in. It just so happens that the first, messy speaker I made is about the same size as the magnet. I figure it makes no odds making it bigger as the magnet can only be adjacent to so much of it at any time. Yaaaaah.

Anyway, I then attach those two wee bitties to an Arduino, which is a kind of DIY microcontroller. And load up a program that plays tunes, wee bleepy kinda tunes. Such as the theme from the A-Team.

And it works. It's not very loud, but could be maybe if i could put more voltage through it. I'm not sure, I don't have a very good grasp of the principles here. I guess i could try putting it in series with a potentiometer, but it's late.

Anyway, I've made a wee quilted earphone. And very heavy it is too. It's a start

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Meg in Nelson said...

Huh? Huh? Huh??? It's a tiny bit beyond me, but sounds fab!