Wednesday, 12 May 2010

no more posts for a wee while

cos i'll be out of computer range and besides, my camera's broken

first year's finished anyhow. don't know if i've passed CAD or Art History yet, but have everything else.

away out west tomorrow to help build up a ruined house over the summer. took my copy of collingwood's tablet-weaving book to see if i can't get into some more complicated pattern.

doubleface i could do with getting the knack of. i wish i hadn't misplaced that linen, i guess it's around in gala somewhere, but that's no use.

need to buy a shitload more acrylic as well. always easy to get hold of. tablet weaving with wool pisses me off, it's too damn hairy, felts up awful as well. linen is lovely to TW with, i imagine silk is too, but i've never been able to afford any.

anyone got any more suggestions for fibre for tablet weaving?


Meg in Nelson said...

Congratulations for the successful completion of the year. Put your feet up.

Dorothy said...

That year seemed to go quick!

Tablet weaving is amazing, there's so much you can do, it would take years to explore all Collingwoods ideas. I've used William Hall's weaving cottons, but agree linen would be good as it's worked well in my inkle bands.

Have a great summer, let's hope for some warmer, drier weather!

Lynn Majidimehr said...

I've used pearl cotton and cottolin on my inkle loom, and it may work well for card weaving too. I have some cards and book, so hope to try card weaving in the future.