Thursday, 9 July 2009


sorry for the caps

that's me rationalising my tat in my parents' front room, they're away on holiday in Foreign the now.

I just salvaged the wool from an unfinished rug that went wrong half a year ago. hooray!

i'm getting on the train in 5 days, yikes. and doing the workshop in castlehill on saturday, jings, crivens, and so on.

That's the garden there, descending into chaos through a process of entropy whereby all systems gradually collapse when they're not constantly maintained.

i apologise for the sideways pics making your eyes bleed

i include these two pics cos about 30 minutes later (it was dead sunny when i took them) a storm broke over holborn head and it was all thunder and lightning, fork lightning and everything, i've literally never seen anything like it. i was round the corner at my neighbour's house drinking tea and i ran back to get my camera and shut the door and the storm broke over me and i got soaked up to the waist running through sudden puddles.

a house got demolished by the lightning over at scrabster, a few telephone poles got set on fire, and i've been told people actually saw ball lightning in the air near scrabster. i was going to put my bike back in the house, but i was too scared to hold anything metal. least i wasn't my mate, who was walking back from scrabster with a bunch of fishing poles.

it was proper scary, and cool as fuck like.

i like it when nature scares the crap out of us all, so secure in our apparent domination of the globe and all it's forces. being put in your place, and realising we're really no different from all the other animals scurrying about eating and burning stuff up with no thought for our long term survival.

all hail Earth, she'll outlive us, won't hardly break her stride when we've blown ourselves all up cos we think we're gods

hooray for millenarianism! :)



Dorothy said...

I love a good storm. We've got some entropic bits of garden (is entropic a word? it should be...)

What are jings and crivens?

humblebumble said...

jing, crivens and help ma boab are all expressions of surprise or annoyance. nobody ever says any of them in all seriousness these days.

as in, quoting billy connolly:

"there's NO WAY that when the moderator of the general assembly of the church of scotland drops that big bible he says jings"

Susan said...

My eyes are bleeding, but don't worry. Couldn't lightning strike the propane gas tank outside the bedroom window? My fear is, yes.