Monday, 27 April 2009

accidental tartan

Well, it's been a little while.

this is only a narrow warp really. have to do sums to figure out how many ends there are.

damn, i've forgotten long multiplication.

16 x 24 = 384 ends

i am a slave to the calculator on my phone. in much the same way i am a slave to my lighter. through intellectual and physical laziness

i'm using some of the stuff i got from those folks down south. i just thought to make stripes of blue and green seperated by fine lines of yellow, and i got this when i wove with even picks-to-ends

pretty chuffed i reckon. this is a good long warp though, and i really have very little of the blue left. maybe not even enough to make one full scarf length in this style. i'm not really sure if i have that much green either to be honest. the only of those colours i have a lot of is the yellow and using yellow as a dominant weft in this fabric would be a bloody awful idea i reckon. i probably have some other yarns that are "close enough" so never mind. this was never going to be a product-line development warp anyway. i'm just making stuff to sell at festivals, it doesn't need to be repeatable.

anyhow, i'll measure the ppi and epi properly when it's off the loom and fulled, but i reckon i might've accidentaly hit the right sett. with unrepeatable yarn i'll never see again. hey ho


deborahbee said...

great warp. I can really identify with your attitude to just get weaving and worry about the sums after. I do it all the time, in fact I am forcing myself to be more accurate because I can see its a 'good thing' but its horribly difficult (for me!)

humblebumble said...

i wanted to get as much as i could out of those yarns. so i just went for it. i was hoping to get 480 ends, but it didn't work out. i wouldn't have had anything for weft. as it is i'll have to make up the bulk of it with wefts that aren't really the same shade of blue or green as the warp. but i think that'll probably be quite nice. it gets yarn used up though, which is an issue just now.

however, i do think sums are VERY important. i do some of my best work when i spend an hour planning it beforehand, making wraps and all that and laying down the whole warp in numbers on paper.

of course, this isn't a product-development warp, so it really doesn't matter, i can just let fate guide me. bearing the previous paragraph in mind my best unique and lovely stuff tends to come from the hands of chance.

so yeah. hum

nothin like contradictin yourself is there?

Dorothy said...

That cloth looks good!

Hate the sums myself, do them as and when I have to, I have a little calculator handy and double check everything :(

humblebumble said...

i don't know how to long division anymore, and i have to think hard to do long multiplication.

so much for school

Anonymous said...

The plaid looks lovely as is but I'm sure you'll come up with some very cool variations if you run out of the warp yarn. Besides, since you're weaving for retail sales, they'll be one-of-a-kind, or as you say, "one-offs" : )

humblebumble said...

as it goes, i didn't run out till right near the end anyway. and then not long after that the shuttle hit me in the face, so i called it a day

Anonymous said...

Love your cheerful tartan! Sometimes, the accidental produces a better result than the planned.