Saturday, 28 February 2009

best selvedges ever

i opened the sett on the outside of the latest batch of scarves.

it occured to me while in a state of mild inebriation last week that the reason i was getting smiles at the selvedges of my scarves was because the draw-in was causing the selvedges to have a higher end-count than the body of the fabric, and as we know this causes the fabric to smile, as i observed when i made fabrics with varying setts. so with two ends in each dent in the body i put 1 end in each dent on the outside 2 dents.

and vast improvements, although not, as you can see, to my photography. or my grammar, for that matter.
now i'm in a rush, checking my email in the chippy, but i couldn't get on at the library today or yesterday as they're down. ho hum. i've anyway finsihed the second line of scarves, and am testing out a new finishing technique on monday when the laundrette opens, i'll tell you all about it. if it works out it'll remove all the time i spend twisting ends. lovely

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Meg in Nelson said...

That's crazy-good selvedge! Good for you. I'm getting very good at not showing selvedge in my pictures; I guess that's another way to get around it... (OK, that was a sad comment...)