Tuesday, 9 December 2008

the photo meme, amongst other things

trapunto suggested i join in the photo meme thing. 6th photo of 6th folder. so i had to create 6 randomly named folders and randomly shovel all the pictures in my college drive into them.
it's funny, when i used the photo uploader on blogger, i get ghandi, but when i use windows explorer, i get this charming fellow:

arbritary things these computers, aren't they? i surmise from this brief exercise that blogger is a force for good in the world, whereas windows explorer, and the system it's based on is Pure Evil. maybe's servers run on linux. must be

Anyhow, i'm well knackered the now, i've been weaving one sample and warping another most nights for the last week, in a mad rush to fill up the rest of my portfolio fabric book. i have about 8 sheets to fill, maybe 7. i'm not sure. and i now have 4 days left. i was up till 2 last night weaving, which was kinda aggravating because i sat through a dreadful American-Men-With-Guns-And-A-Strong-Love-Of-Freedom film and an extremely confusing romance while working and by the time i was ready to go to bed they were ready to show Grave of the Fireflies, which i've been wanting to watch for ages.

I don't know if it's realistically possible to weave 7 samples by saturday morning, i'd probably get very little sleep, so i don't think it's going to happen, but i do have plenty as it goes the now anyway, so i probably shouldn't run myself into the ground and spend all saturday standing behind the till yawning before falling asleep on the train, getting no sleep in aberdeen and turning up on tuesday morning at Gala all strung out and wild-eyed.

i'm having fun with texture the now, using this sort of bubbly yarn, you know the 2-ply type with one bit of the ply being straight and smooth, and the other pushing loops out at regular intervals. it doesn't look very nice on the cone, but it makes and awfy nice sorta fuzzy feeling. i'm setting it against regular yarn, particularly that silk/wool stuff i bought fae the texere yarns people, which is definitely the best and most consistent yarn i've ever used and has very very few knots and breaks in it. also, all the cones i've got in the line are the same weight, which really is something, cause i've bought selections of different colours from the same line before and they've not been the same weight, and that really Annoys Me.

I also did a wee bit of fun with putting thick-sett lines of 56 epi at regular intervals in a warp of 14 epi, on the theory that this would make it so that there were less picks to inch and create a lighter, sort of gauzy see-through fabric. it probably would've worked better with a different yarn, but it was an interesting experiment anyway. What i really want to make is that sort of sari fabric the fashionable muslim women use as headscarves. i used to live on the south side of glasgow in an irish/pakistani/gypsy (in that order, chronologically) area, and there were loads of fabric stores. asians really appreciate good fabric, in a way that westerners just don't

i've forgotten to take my camera into college with me again, i'm not too together in the morning, but i'll probably manage to take photos on thursday evening and post on friday, we'll see



Anonymous said...

Ha! Does seem like a strange coincidence... Though I can't rightly comment on Explorer, since I use Safari.

If you want to stay jazzed up for your sample weaving, I'd say you made a narrow escape! I liked Grave of the Fireflies but it really is every bit as depressing as they say--this from a girl who fed herself a steady diet of Ingmar Bergman as a teen. It's not a movie I would want to see in the cold, dark middle of the night. It made such a mark on my husband that I haven't been able to convince him to watch the other notorious children-in-WWII anime with me, Barefoot Gen.

Maybe you can treat yourself to a rental video when you are done with your interview? Or some nice, *uplifting* anime about death--my favorite is Haibane-Renmei.

Take care,

humblebumble said...

there was no chance i was gonna watch it, i would've had to stay up till 5am, by which time there's no point at all going to bed.

as it goes, i work best when i'm listening to screaming anarcho-punk like conflict, crass or oi polloi. it's got a good fast rythm. when i'm listening to reggae or ska my workrate just falls through the floor

Jane said...

Just a fly by to wish you good fortune with your portfolio book!!

::::sprinkles of fairy dust::::